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Insurance for Breweries

Breweries are dynamic businesses with unique challenges, from creating innovative brews to maintaining equipment and ensuring safety. Whether you’re a craft brewery, microbrewery, or large-scale production facility, comprehensive insurance is crucial to protect your business from potential risks. Best Formula Insurance offers specialized coverage solutions tailored specifically to breweries, safeguarding your business so you can focus on perfecting your craft.

Key Coverages for Breweries

Running a brewery involves crafting quality brews while managing a myriad of business risks. Here are some real-world scenarios that highlight why key coverages are essential:

  General Liability Insurance:

  • During a brewery tour, a visitor slips on a wet floor and breaks an arm. General liability insurance covers the medical expenses and legal fees that arise from the injury, protecting the brewery from a costly lawsuit.

Product Liability Insurance:

  • A batch of beer becomes contaminated due to a production issue, resulting in customers getting sick after consumption. Product liability insurance covers medical costs, legal defense, and settlements, reducing the financial burden on the brewery.

Commercial Property Insurance:

  • A fire breaks out in the brewing area, damaging brewing equipment, raw materials, and finished product inventory. Commercial property insurance helps replace the destroyed equipment and inventory, allowing the brewery to resume production sooner.

Business Interruption Insurance:

  • Following the fire incident, the brewery must halt operations for several weeks. Business interruption insurance provides income replacement, helping to cover wages, rent, and other ongoing expenses while the brewery is temporarily closed.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

  • A brewery worker sustains an injury while handling heavy kegs. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures the employee receives proper medical care and wage replacement during recovery, preventing potential lawsuits.

Commercial Auto Insurance:

  • A company vehicle used for beer deliveries is involved in an accident. Commercial auto insurance covers vehicle repair and medical expenses while also addressing liability claims from third parties.

Liquor Liability Insurance:

  • A customer who had been drinking at the brewery’s tasting room causes a car accident, leading to property damage and injuries. Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for the brewery’s legal fees and settlement costs.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance:

  • A mechanical failure in the brewing equipment causes a significant interruption in production. Equipment breakdown insurance covers repair costs, allowing for quicker recovery and minimal disruption.

Cyber Insurance:

  • Hackers breach the brewery’s online store, exposing customers’ credit card information. Cyber insurance covers the cost of investigating the breach, notifying affected customers, and managing potential lawsuits.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance:

  • A former employee files a wrongful termination lawsuit against the brewery. EPL insurance covers legal fees, settlements, and other related costs.

Why Choose Best Formula Insurance?

At Best Formula Insurance, we understand the specific challenges facing breweries. Our experienced team will work with you to evaluate your risks and create a comprehensive plan that ensures your business is protected. Let us help you find the right coverage so you can focus on crafting the perfect brew.

Reach out today to discuss your brewery’s insurance needs and create a custom plan that will secure your business and support future growth.