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Builder’s Risk for Contractors



When it comes to construction projects, there are numerous risks involved that can lead to costly damages and delays. To safeguard against these potential risks, builders and contractors turn to Builder’s Risk Insurance. This specialized insurance policy provides essential coverage during the course of construction, protecting project owners, contractors, and subcontractors from financial losses.
What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder’s Risk Insurance, also known as Course of Construction Insurance or Construction All Risk Insurance, is a specialized insurance policy designed to cover the risks associated with construction projects. It provides coverage for both residential and commercial construction projects, including renovations and remodeling.

  1. Property Damage: Builder’s Risk Insurance provides coverage for property damage resulting from various perils, such as fire, lightning, windstorms, vandalism, theft, and accidental damage. This includes the structure being built, as well as materials, equipment, and supplies on-site.

  2. Natural Disasters: Construction sites are susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. Builder’s Risk Insurance typically covers damages caused by these events, ensuring that the project is protected from unexpected losses.

  3. Equipment and Tools: Construction projects often involve expensive equipment and tools necessary for the job. Builder’s Risk Insurance can cover the loss or damage to these items, whether they are owned by the contractor or subcontractors.

  4. Soft Costs: In the event of property damage, construction projects may face additional expenses such as delays, increased labor costs, and extended rental fees. Builder’s Risk Insurance can provide coverage for these soft costs, helping to mitigate financial losses during construction interruptions.

  5. Liability Coverage: Some Builder’s Risk Insurance policies also offer limited liability coverage. This protects against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage that may occur at the construction site.

  6. Debris Removal: If a covered loss occurs, the policy may include coverage for debris removal and cleanup expenses. This ensures that the construction site can be cleared and made ready for further work.

  7. Additional Coverages: Builder’s Risk Insurance policies can be tailored to meet specific project needs. Additional coverages may include scaffolding, temporary structures, design errors, and professional fees.

a tall building
Builder’s Risk Insurance plays a vital role in protecting construction projects from unforeseen risks and potential financial losses. By providing coverage for property damage, natural disasters, equipment, soft costs, liability, and more, this insurance policy gives peace of mind to project owners, contractors, and subcontractors alike. If you are involved in the construction industry, securing Builder’s Risk Insurance is a wise investment to ensure the smooth and successful completion of your projects. Contact our insurance agency today to learn more about how Builder’s Risk Insurance can benefit your construction endeavors.