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Enhanced Overview of Livery Insurance for Various Business Models

At Best Formula Insurance, we provide tailored insurance solutions for a diverse range of for-hire livery services. Whether you operate a black car service, manage a fleet of taxis, or drive for a rideshare company, our flexible insurance offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. We understand that each livery service has specific risks and requirements, and our goal is to offer affordable, comprehensive coverage that protects your business and your clients.


 stationary yellow taxi cab stands out in sharp contrast to the blurred movement of other yellow cabs on a busy city street, with tall, reflective skyscrapers creating a striking urban skyline in the background.

Taxi Insurance

Taxis are a vital part of urban and suburban transportation networks, offering convenient travel options to the general public, often found in bustling areas such as city centers and airports. Unlike pre-arranged services, taxis typically pick up passengers on a hail basis, although they can also operate via dispatch. These vehicles are usually equipped with distinctive features like lighted taxi signs and fare meters.

These services might pre-arrange transportation but do not necessarily operate luxury vehicles, requiring specialized coverage to address their unique operational risks.

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Black Car & Limousine Insurance

Specialized for Luxury and Scheduled Services: Black car and limousine services epitomize luxury and exclusivity, typically catering to clients who schedule transportation in advance to specific destinations. Our black car and limousine insurance policies are crafted to address the high standards and expectations of such services, providing comprehensive coverage for both vehicles and passengers.

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A classic black limousine parked on an urban street lined with brick buildings and mature trees, exuding a sense of luxury and timeless style against a backdrop that blends historical architecture with city greenery.
A white medical van with a red cross emblem and emergency lights on top is in motion on a highway, with the background blurred to emphasize speed, captured in the warm glow of a setting or rising sun

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance

Essential Coverage for Specialized Transportation Needs: This insurance is crucial for vehicles that transport patients to non-urgent medical appointments. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers facilitate travel for individuals who require assistance getting to and from healthcare facilities but do not need ambulance service. Our NEMT insurance covers various vehicle types and includes provisions for passenger safety and vehicle accessibility.

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Rideshare Insurance

Adapting to the Evolving Livery Landscape: With the rise of rideshare platforms like Uber and Lyft, many individuals use their private vehicles to offer transportation services. Rideshare insurance is designed to fill the gaps left by personal auto insurance policies, which typically do not cover activities related to commercial livery services. Our rideshare policies ensure that drivers are protected against a range of risks, from accidents and injuries to liability issues while engaged in ridesharing.

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An isometric illustration of a bustling multilane road network with a variety of vehicles including yellow taxis, private cars, and public buses, in a colorful, stylized urban setting.

Why Choose Best Formula Insurance?

Tailored Policies and Expert Guidance: Choosing the right insurance coverage is critical to protect your assets and ensure business continuity. At Best Formula Insurance, we collaborate closely with our clients to tailor policies that reflect their specific needs, operational models, and risk exposure. Our experienced advisors are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of livery insurance, ensuring you receive optimal protection at competitive rates.

Comprehensive Support and Reliable Service
We are dedicated to providing not just insurance, but a partnership that supports your business’s growth and sustainability. Our team offers ongoing support, from risk assessment to claim handling, ensuring you have the confidence to focus on what you do best—delivering excellent service to your clients.

Contact Best Formula Insurance today to learn more about our livery insurance options and how we can help secure the future of your transportation business.