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Apartment Buildings


a tall brick building

Offering property, General Liability, and Pollution Environmental Liability coverage for Apartments, HOAs, Mixed-Use, and Commercial LRO.
Apartment and HOA Insurance is a commercial policy that covers the exterior of the location and common areas. The policy helps pay for damage to the building’s exterior and common areas, like hallways, courtyards, and more. It also usually covers liability for incidents in common areas.
Insurance Coverages:

    • Building exteriors that belongs to the association
    • Shared space and property that belongs to the association
    • Liability for incidents that happen in share spaces.
    • Fire and Theft coverage
    • Flood & Water Damage
    • Wind & Hail
    • Earthquake
    • Equipment Breakdown
    • Inland Marine



What Does Apartment Building Insurance Cover?

Business Liability

With so many people to serve, it’s almost impossible to ensure that every hazard is covered. You need to make sure the ground isn’t icy, the floors aren’t wet, and there isn’t anything in the hallways that someone can trip over. Liability coverage can help you should anyone get hurt on your premises.

Apartment Crime

Apartment crime can range from large crimes such as robberies to petty theft such as employee dishonesty. For example, an employee could forge your signature to steal money from your business account. Apartment building insurance can cover your losses in this case as well.

Apartment Building Ordinance

Building Ordinance Coverage covers the increased cost to comply with a building ordinance such as smoke and fire detection, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors in the apartment units. As well as making sure that the parking lots, sidewalks, and any parking structures are well lit, and in good condition.

General Liability Insurance

This coverage provides protection should someone slip and fall and file a liability suit on you. General liability covers losses to your rental families if their property is damaged when your employees enter the premises to make repairs or perform inspections.

Property Insurance

This coverage protects you should your apartment suffer serious damage and needs repairs. If a major storm or fire destroys your apartment, you want to be confident that your apartment can recover with as little disruption as possible. This can include losses to the entire building, other owned structures, any equipment on site used to maintain the property, and rental office space.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This adds extra protection should a claim reach its maximum. This is especially useful in higher-risk areas that are prone to risks.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This coverage will protect you should any full-time employees managing your apartment suffer any work-related injuries. In addition, this will also cover uninsured or underinsured independent contractors or maintenance crews on site that may not be covered by your general liability coverage on your apartment building insurance policy.

Boiler/Machinery Coverage

This can protect against the effects of catastrophic property loss, such as steam boiler explosion or an expensive breakdown of machinery and equipment.

Building Coverage

This coverage protects the building and structures as well as garages, storage buildings, swimming pools, fences, retaining walls, as well as additions under construction and other apartment structures

Loss of Income

In cases where the apartment has been damaged and currently not making you any money, this will help pay out your lost income. The actual amount varies by state.

Ordinance and Law

Covers the loss of value and increased cost due to the enforcement of municipal laws or ordinances regulating the construction or repair of damaged buildings caused by an insured loss

Backup of Sewer & Drains

This specialized coverage protects against any building damage caused by sewer backups.